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#525 A TIME TO STAND (6.1)

PLOT: Sisko and crew complete a mission that takes them into dangerous enemy territory but find themselves without the ability to use warp drive to get back home.

REVIEW: An ambitious start to the season that combined enough explosive elements and characterisation, to leave the viewer wanting more. 8/10


PLOT: After being attacked by Dominion ships, Sisko and his crew are stranded on a remote planet with a dying Vorta and a small group of Jem'Hadar soldiers.

REVIEW: Picking up directly after the events of the last episode, this one delivered everything a fan could hope for and more. Overall, I feel this is one of the series best. 9.5/10


PLOT: Worf must face his failures as a father when his estranged son volunteers for duty aboard a Klingon ship.

REVIEW: The writers attempt to broaden their approach to the war but this outing fell flat in more ways than one. The episode wasn't bad per se but it was not exactly riveting either. 3/10


PLOT: While Sisko's promotion takes him away from the Defiant, Odo's loyalties are tested by the arrival of the female shapeshifter.

REVIEW: An episode that had the potential to be one of the most intriguing and powerful stories to date but by conveniently forgetting Odo's betrayal in latter episodes, this one is only worthwhile the first time around. 7/10

#529 FAVOR THE BOLD (6.3)

PLOT: While Kira prepares for the destruction of the minefield that protects the Federation, Sisko hatches a daring plan to retake Deep Space Nine.

REVIEW: I liked this episode as it covered all the bases in a realistic manner and showed that the writers are considering the repercussions of the Dominion War on the Federation. However, given that this is essentially the first instalment to a larger story, a lot is depending on the conclusion. 8/10


PLOT: With the minefield soon to be demolished, Sisko leads what appears to be a suicide mission to take back Deep Space Nine - while Kira launches an assault of her own aboard the station.

REVIEW: I guess I was expecting too much? After such a great arc (sans Sons and Daughters) the ball is well and truly dropped and then some. Though acceptable, too many plot developments were erased with a single line of dialogue and that made for disappointing viewing. I was extremely surprised that the Dominion surrendered DS9 so quickly - considering the lengths they went to acquire it in the first place. More frustrating was that Odo had a complete turnabout and that everyone trusted him so willingly again - despite that he could have got everyone killed. The battle to reclaim DS9 was nicely handled but it was bizarre watching the Defiant in the action - they rarely fired weapons and given that it is one of the most powerful ships in the Federation fleet that is a bit strange. The death of Ziyal was okay but nothing great - the effect it had on her father Gul Dukat was however and it will be interesting to see future instalments with him. 5/10


PLOT: Worf's plans for a traditional Klingon wedding are threatened when Martok's wife refuses to accept Dax into their family.

REVIEW: Jadzia is getting married and what a treat it was too. I really enjoyed this episode and when Sirella (Martok's wife) turned up it proved to be one of the most memorable entrances in television history. The actress was fantastic in the role and she certainly stirred things up while aboard the station. Overall a good way to spend an hour - even though it seemed like the war with the Dominion was not being taken seriously any more. 8/10


PLOT: The alternate universe double of Kira's slain lover requests asylum aboard Deep Space Nine.

REVIEW: I have liked every single Mirror Universe story line up to this point but this one sucked - badly. It just plodded along and was one of the most boring and unimaginative pieces of television I have ever seen. Major Kira is one of my favourite characters on this show but in this episode she comes across as pathetic to the extreme. Does she just go with any man that shows her interest? That's the impression I got after watching this. Maybe living aboard the station is making her consider that she does not have that many opportunities so she had better strike while the iron is hot? Any way, I think the producers owe the fans one last look at the Mirror Universe next season - if only to make up for this piece of crap. I don't think any more needs to be said. 1/10


PLOT: Genetically engineered patients predict nine hundred billion casualties for the Federation unless they surrender to the Dominion.

REVIEW: I liked this episode as Julian Bashir is one of my favourite characters aboard the station and stories revolving around him are generally sound. It was nice to see him conversing with the other "mutants" and how the Federation reacted to their statements. I hope we get to see a follow up to this episode? 6.5/10


PLOT: Quark leads a Ferengi mission to rescue his mother from the Dominion.

REVIEW: Ferengi stories can be a mixed bag and though I liked this one, I can understand why other people hated it. The Dominion and everything connected to them are made to look like cartoon characters. I had to keep reminding myself that yes - this is the feared threat to the Federation - one would never know watching this. Iggy Pop as a Vorta was okay and sometimes amusing but overall the show belonged to Quark. An okay way to spend an hour of watching television but played mostly for laughs. 4/10

#535 WALTZ (6.6)

PLOT: Sisko finds himself stranded on a desolate planet with Gul Dukat after the vessel transporting him to a Federation hearing is destroyed by Cardassian warships.

REVIEW: One of the better episodes from the season but not one of my favourites as it was clear that Gul Dukat is now just a raving madman and has seemingly lost the layered personalities he has so deliciously portrayed over the years. 6/10


PLOT: Morn is reported to be dead and Quark is the benefactor - only problem is that other parties insist on their share of the gold pressed latinum.

REVIEW: Not one of the best of the series and generally bad all over but comic relief was provided by Quark. It would be nice to see our favourite Ferengi given a decent story line for once - remember Little Green Men? It is a shame the writers have since abandoned more serious stories in favour of mindless fodder. 2/10


PLOT: Sisko dreams he is a science fiction writer for a magazine publication in America circa 1953.

REVIEW: One of the better outings this season but Avery Brooks undermined several scenes by attempting to convey an intensity that was not always required. 7/10

#538 ONE LITTLE SHIP (6.7)

PLOT: Hidden on a shrunken Runabout, Dax, O'Brien, and Bashir are Sisko's only hope when Jem'Hadar soldiers board the Defiant.

REVIEW: An enjoyable way to spend an hour but though the premise facing our heroes seemed dire, I did not really sense any danger. Still, I liked this one and think the writer was correct in playing up the humour of the episode - if it had been produced any other way it would have been a disaster. 5.9/10


PLOT: An undercover operation turns personal for O'Brien when he befriends his criminal contact.

REVIEW: One of my favourite O'Brien stories from the series but then episodes involving the Chief are generally among the best. It was nice to see how O'Brien related to his assignment and how his stance changed progressively over the hour. Excellent work. 9/10

#540 CHANGE OF HEART (6.8)

PLOT: When Dax is seriously injured during a crucial mission, Worf must question his priorities.

REVIEW: A grim premise that tugs at the heart for those who care about Jadzia. Despite that, I would have preferred to see the actress depart in this outing, rather than the season finale that only briefly focused upon her. Overall, one of the best Jadzia centred episodes. 6.5/10


PLOT: Kira learns that her mother was once Gul Dukat's mistress.

REVIEW: Kira tampers with the time line and overall it was a waste of time. The writers have ill served Major Kira for a long time now (sans the Dominion arc) and it would be nice to put her back in the action instead of just following up every little whim or piece of gossip she might overhear. I could say a lot more about this episode but not much of it would be very flattering. 2/10

#542 INQUISITION (6.9)

PLOT: An internal investigation indicates Doctor Bashir may be a Dominion spy.

REVIEW: I think this is one of the most powerful hours of sci-fi TV that I have watched and think this is the second best episode of the season to date. It is definitely my favourite Bashir story of all time and I am really looking forward to the follow-through next year. 9.9/10


PLOT: Garak helps Sisko trick the Romulans into joining the Federation fight against the Dominion but victory comes at a cost.

REVIEW: A masterpiece. I cannot say enough good things about this episode. Essentially told in flashbacks, we can indeed see where Sisko went wrong but given the end result, I think his "sacrifice" was worthwhile. Through Sisko's eyes we have witnessed the toll the Dominion War is having on the Federation and he knew that something had to be done to turn events their way before it is too late. By aligning himself with Garak, it was like making a deal with the Devil himself. Garak would do whatever it takes to complete the task - even if it meant Sisko compromising all of his ideals one by one. Excellent work and one of the best stories from the series. 10/10

#544 HIS WAY (6.10)

PLOT: Odo borrows Bashir's new Holodeck program and asks Vic for a little romantic advice.

REVIEW: This one sucked so badly I could not even sit through the entire episode. No more needs to be said. 0.2/10

#545 THE RECKONING (6.11)

PLOT: Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered.

REVIEW: Despite the Exorcist parallels, I enjoyed this one immensely. It was also a treat to see Winn and I am hoping we will see more of her before the series finale next year? 8/10

#546 VALIANT (6.11)

PLOT: En route to Ferenginar, Jake and Nog are attacked by a Jem'Hadar vessel. When they are suddenly beamed aboard the USS Valiant, a Defiant-class warship, Nog recognises the crew of young adults as Red squad, an elite corps of Starfleet cadets. The 22-year-old captain, Tim Watters, explains that his crew, originally on a training mission, became trapped in Dominion space when the war broke out. All of the regular officers were killed, but before he died, the captain ordered Watters to assume command. With Starfleet unaware of the situation, Watters is trying to compete the Valiant's mission to gather data on a new Dominion battleship. Caught up in Watter's fervour, Nog agrees to join the crew as Chief Engineer.

REVIEW: Essentially an episode for those of us who have wondered what it is like to pilot a Federation vessel. Overall, nothing earth shattering but a pleasant diversion - though I am beginning to doubt we will see the new Dominion ship before the end of the series. 7.5/10

#547 PROFIT AND LACE (6.12)

PLOT: Zek has added a new amendment to the Ferengi Bill of Opportunities giving females equal rights, which has unfortunately plunged the entire Ferengi society into chaos.

REVIEW: Quark in drag. Yes he is all dressed up for Mardi Gras and doesn't he look lovely? Okay, with that out of the way, this episode was not as bad as many have claimed - it basically just sat there. The premise could have been played for laughs but overall I got the impression they did not know what to do with the story? 3/10

#548 TIME'S ORPHAN (6.12)

PLOT: Molly disappears through a time portal and emerges a teenage wild child.

REVIEW: Despite the forced premise, I thought this one was okay and I give credit for that, to the talented Colm Meaney - who can make any episode worthwhile and this one is no different. 6/10


PLOT: Onboard the Defiant, Sisko and the crew pick up a distress signal and the voice of Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship.

REVIEW: The story was dealt a terrible blow with the last fifteen minutes but prior to that I enjoyed this one - despite the fact I wanted the crew to shut down the Comm system - Lisa's voice was so damn grating. Any way, this episode is really only notable for the scene back aboard the station where the crew discuss the possibility that years from now, some in the group may no longer be with them. Gee, I wonder whom they are talking about? 5/10


PLOT: The Federation chooses Benjamin to head up a task force that will invade Cardassia but he is cautioned not to leave the station by the Prophets. Ignoring their advice, Sisko departs but in his absence, Dukat boards the station, destroys an orb, neutralises the Prophets and kills one of his closest friends.

REVIEW: And so it ends. I thought this was one of the better season enders from the series but I could have done without the Vic Fontaine bar scene and the obvious set-up for Jadzia's death. Both rank as extreme and were totally un-necessary. Despite that, I liked this episode, which sets in motion the events for the season premiere next year. Overall, not the best way to close a season but I could think of worse ways. 7/10

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