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Well, after seven years, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has finally come to a close. While I thought some of the episodes were quite nice and rounded off the numerous arcs throughout the series, I thought the whole Bajor storyline left a lot to be desired and it would have been nice to have a final confrontation between Kira and Kai Winn after all the aggression between those two. Anyway, Deep Space Nine can now be seen in syndication in the States and the entire series is available on video volumes throughout Europe and Australia. This page was last updated January 2, 2001.



PLOT: While Colonel Kira deals with the Romulan presence aboard the station, Sisko discovers a dark family secret.

REVIEW: Well, here we are at the start of the final year of DS9 and based on previous season openers I was expecting to be floored by this episode but came away disappointed. With shades of last year's premiere, some issues were dropped and I thought that some of the restaurant scenes with Sisko brooding could have been edited for better effect. Kira is sporting a new hairdo and uniform to sex up her character but given the nature of her upbringing this does not quite ring true. Hmm, what else? I liked the conflict between father and son where Benjamin discovered that the mother he thought of as his birth mother turned out to be a deception and that in fact "Sarah" was inhabited by a Prophet so the Sisko could be born. The subsequent stabbing in the alley where a Pagh-Wraith follower tries to kill Benjamin was powerfully executed - as were the scenes between Kira and the new Romulan senator aboard DS9 leading up to the conflict that is sure to follow. The arrival of the new Dax host, Ezri, was beautifully played out in the closing moments and had me anxious to see the next episode. Overall, not great but it sets up the next episode very well indeed. See you all then. 7/10


PLOT: Ezri, the new Dax, joins Sisko on his search for the missing Orb of the Emissary.

REVIEW: Picking up directly on Ezri's surprise entrance, this one was truly one of the best episodes I have seen in some time and the greatest surprise was that each of the three stories were given equal importance and actually gelled into one another quite amicably. I thought Nicole DeBoer was okay as the new Dax but there was not enough screen time to formulate a lasting opinion. I particularly liked that her presence made the others confront the issue of Jadzia's untimely demise and it will be interesting to see where this leads? It was truly fantastic to watch the scenes aboard the Bird of Prey as those who loved Jadzia, go on a glorious mission to get her into Stovokor but the highlight of the episode for me was the return of the Kira I admired back in the first season. Nana Visitor is well and truly firing on all cylinders and it was absolutely great to see Kira with the fire burning again and fighting for what she believes in - putting everything on the line and bluffing her way through the blockade - a great throwback to the scene between her and the Cardassians in the series premiere. Overall, nothing much more to be said - except bring on the next episode! 8.5/10

#553 AFTERIMAGE (7.2)

PLOT: Ezri finds life aboard the station painful as Jadzia's friends shun her.

REVIEW: I knew things were too good to be true. After the momentum carried on from the past three episodes, I was expecting this to be an introspective look into how Ezri is finding life aboard DS9 but I came away less than satisfied. Many of the scenes had a nice touch but I felt that the writers were struggling to make the dialogue work and that without that connection, I could not relate to the emotional turmoil facing Ezri. I also found it rather sad that Andrew Robinson as Garak was thrown into this awful story line in order to turn up the heat as it were. For someone who has been helping the Federation for a long time now, I would have expected him to "crack" before now but of course the writer had the hair-brained idea of teaming the two misfits up and trying to form an alliance of sorts. Overall, pretty much forgettable but worthwhile for a couple of scenes. 5/10


PLOT: A rival of Sisko's challenges him to a game of baseball.

REVIEW: Oh, this one was totally fantastic. Really it was…NOT!!! Just what were they thinking? I should have expected a baseball episode sometime during the series run but now is not the time. This was neither amusing nor interesting to watch and was about as fun as watching paint dry. Overall, I think you know what I think of this one. The weakest entry to date. 1/10

#555 CHRYSALIS (7.3)

PLOT: Bashir is reunited with the JackPack.

REVIEW: The follow-up to last season's "Statistical Probabilities" was bittersweet in many ways. It seems the writers wrote themselves into a corner with the JP and opted for the easy and sadly predictable way out - by pairing Sarina and Bashir together. Did any one think the romance would survive? This episode was not a total write-off, however, as I did enjoy the scene where Sarina meets Bashir's comrades and comments on their distinctiveness. Overall, goodbye JackPack, it was nice knowing you? 4/10


PLOT: Odo meets Weyoun, who reveals he is defecting but can he be trusted?

REVIEW: Based on what I had read prior to watching this, I was really looking forward to it. Now? I think it was an ambitious episode that failed in the execution of the script and suffered from lousy direction. For such major revelations that the Founders are dying and that Odo may soon be the last of his kind, I came away with a feeling of "So what?" Overall, important episode but the material could have been presented better. 6/10.


PLOT: Kor goes on one last glorious mission so he can die with honour.

REVIEW: When I first heard about this episode I groaned and wondered why they were doing something like this at all? Well the onus is on me as this one was pretty entertaining on all fronts and actually proved pause for deeper reflection on the subject material. Though Kor was not a character favourite, I really did enjoy his appearance in this and liked the contrast between the battle raging in his mind and that of his younger comrades aboard Martok's ship. Overall, nothing outstanding but a nice way to say goodbye to an old soldier who wanted to die with honour. 6.5/10

#558 THE SIEGE OF AR-558 (7.4)

PLOT: Sisko and crew help battered Federation troops defend an important communications array.

REVIEW: Powerful, brilliant and disturbing - these are the words that first come to mind when thinking about this episode. This is without doubt the most riveting hour DS9 has produced to date and brought the Dominion War back with a thundering crash. Painful to watch and definitely not pretty, it showed that the writers of DS9 are not afraid to push the envelope and introduce shocking elements - such as the amputation of Nog's left leg after being injured in battle. Watch this one and then watch it again. 10/10

#559 COVENANT (7.5)

PLOT: Kira is sickened to discover that Gul Dukat is residing on Empok Nor and is the leader of a group who worship the Pagh-Wraith's.

REVIEW: Since watching the sixth season finale, I was anticipating the return of Dukat but this episode just did not do much for me. Though it was kind of novel to see Dukat the leader of an obviously spellbound group who believe the Pagh-wraiths are the true saviour of Bajor, I found the episode lacking somewhat and I was disappointed that the crew have known all along that it was Dukat who killed Jadzia - despite seeing no evidence of this in the episodes since. Overall, nothing earth-shattering but a reasonably entertaining hour. 6.7/10


PLOT: Nog is unable to deal with his biosynthetic replacement leg and retreats to the Vic Fontaine holo-simulation program.

REVIEW: While DS9 is to be commended for following through on the events of "The Siege of AR- 558" - it also deserves a big slap on the butt for basing the episode around Vic "All The Way" Fontaine. I do not hate this character but I fail to understand why he is being used so much by the writers? Are they so inept that they have to resort to using him time and again? Voyager may have its faults but at least they don't resort to methods such as these. Overall, nothing terribly interesting and I think Ezri sucks as a counsellor - she gives lousy advice and often-conflicting advice at the same time. 3/10


PLOT: After returning home to investigate the disappearance of Chief O'Brien, Ezri discovers a family secret.

REVIEW: Ezri goes back to see her family and what a homecoming it turned out to be! Not earth-shattering but a good way to spend the hour. 5/10


PLOT: Quark journeys to the Mirror Universe to save Grand Nagus Zek.

REVIEW: I was hoping that the final trip into the Mirror Universe would prove an interesting end to all of the previous adventures but this was just plain boring and in some regards, worse than last years episode "Resurrection". I think this one was produced more for the staff than for the fans and some convenient issues were dropped all together. We saw the evil Intendant slink her way throughout the episode and we even get a lesbian kiss between the evil Kira and Ezri. It proved to be about the most interesting aspect of the episode but scenes like that do not make an episode and this really was a waste of time. 2/10

#563 FIELD OF FIRE (7.7)

PLOT: Ezri tracks down a killer aboard DS9.

REVIEW: Ezri tracks down a killer aboard the station in this interesting but essentially forgettable story. Thankfully after this one, Ezri is seen in mostly ensemble pieces as I feared she was getting too much screen time and that she was in danger of becoming the Seven of Nine on DS9 - minus the skin tight uniform and ridiculously high platform heeled shoes. 6/10

#564 CHIMERA (7.7)

PLOT: After meeting a fellow changeling, Odo questions his life aboard the station.

REVIEW: I was a bit apprehensive about watching this as "love stories" are not handled very well on Trek and even more so when it comes to the pairing of Odo/Kira. Sometimes the stories are beautifully played out (such as the case in Season Five's episode "Children of Time" and sometimes the stories are appalling such as the case with Season Six's dreadful "His Way") and I am glad to report this time they got it right! I think the reason for this is that the episode delved into what Odo feels and how many sacrifice's he makes to fit into Kira's world. The introduction of another Changeling aboard the station was nothing terribly interesting and someone is not paying attention to their math -- Laas says he wants to go out and search for the other one hundred changelings but the truth of the matter is that it is around ninety-six. Let's take a quick count - first there is Odo and Laas. One of the hundred was destroyed in the Mirror Universe and then there is the Changeling who gave its shape-shifting abilities to Odo but I guess it sounds better to say "let us look for the hundred changelings Odo" rather than "let us look for the ninety-six changelings Odo!" Anyway, the episode is a firm favourite of mine from the season and when I look back on this episode in future it will remind me of how great this series was and will make me sad that it is no longer being produced. Excellent work. 9.5/10


PLOT: The crew works frantically to rescue Vic, after his program is over-run by mobsters.

REVIEW: Once again DS9 resorts to theatre and this was easily the second worst entry after the baseball episode. I know that many people saw the addition of the "Vic Fontaine" character as a breath of fresh air but I really do not like him and think his addition to the series was just plain bad. I am also relieved that we will not be seeing his holographic program on Voyager - that series has enough problems without him adding to them! 2/10


PLOT: Section 31 recruits Bashir to uncover a Romulan defector.

REVIEW: Another good title for this episode would have been "Spy versus Spy." While some may object to an organisation like Section 31 being allowed to operate within a utopian paradise such as the Federation, I think it makes sense and obviously Starfleet is aware of its existence judging by the actions of Admiral Ross in this outing. This episode pretty much rehashed some of the dialogue from previous encounters with Sloan and the whole Bashir has to find the Romulan spy story really did not do much for me -- though I did appreciate seeing the sets from Voyager featured. Any way, a disappointing episode but hopefully the final encounter with Section 31 will make up for it? 2/10

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PLOT: Sisko makes plans to build a house on Bajor but is warned by the Prophets that his greatest challenge is about to begin. Meanwhile, distraught over the news that Worf is missing, Ezri steals a runabout and begins searching for her former husband.

REVIEW: Well here we are at the start of the Final Chapter episodes so the obvious question to ask is if the wait has been worthwhile? I would have to say yes and no. To be perfectly honest, this episode was a breath of fresh air after some of the preceding episodes but languished far too much time on the mindless Ezri and Worf romance and whether or not they should get together? This episode is not a total write-off as it does build upon the momentum and lays the foundation for the next several episodes and it will be interesting to see what factor the Breen will play in the Dominion/Federation war? 7/10

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PLOT: Kai Winn arrives at the station to assist Sisko with his wedding and is deceived by the Pagh Wraiths into thinking a guide (who in reality is Dukat) will help her lead Bajor's restoration.

REVIEW: Now this is more like it. I have to admit that I was pretty impressed by this episode and it capitalised on the foundation of the previous story. It seems that the Final Chapter is going to feature just about everyone predominant from the series and it was a treat to see so many familiar faces in this episode. Though I could have done without some of the more ludicrous moments such as Dukat getting surgically disguised as a Bajoran and his subsequent wooing of Winn, this episode is one of the seasons best. 8.5/10

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PLOT: Worf and Ezri (held prisoner) witness the historic signing of a new alliance between the Dominion and Breen -- that threatens the very survival of the Federation. Meanwhile, Kai Winn and Dukat seal their bond by pledging to restore Bajor even if the Emissary stands in their way.

REVIEW: What a strange episode this is. Perhaps the series title should be changed to "Melrose in Space" -- the characters could give Amanda and Co. a run for their money. We have Winn and Dukat consummating their relationship and her turning to the dark side as she feels abandoned by the Prophets. I suppose that we the viewer are supposed to be surprised by her doing this but are we really? Was there ever any doubt? Back in Cardassian space we have Damar getting demoted and taking pleasure as Worf snaps Weyoun's neck. Of course, another Weyoun assumes the mantle and at this stage in the game, killing off more Vorta clones feels like a plot device than something truly of interest. Of course, without Weyoun dead, Ezri and Worf could not have escaped and the writers would not "kill" off permanent characters this early in the game. Overall, the low point in the final chapter to date. 5/10

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PLOT: The crew's relief at Worf and Ezri's safe return is tempered by reports that the Breen have attacked Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. While Dominion and Breen commanders exult in their sneak attack, their supposed ally - Cardassian leader Damar - secretly plots to free his homeland from Dominion occupation. Meanwhile, on Bajor, Dukat tells Kai Winn she must release the Pagh-wraiths - from the planet's fire caves by reading the ancient forbidden text of the Kosst Amojan.

REVIEW: A powerhouse episode that is bound to please any DS9 fan that has been following the series. This one had it all and then some. Though some of the story elements on Bajor with Winn and Dukat were a bit dumb, I was riveted to the TV throughout the duration of this and cannot wait to see the follow-through. Oh yeah - before I forget - the destruction of the Defiant was cool but very different to what I had imagined. It will be interesting to see how DS9 copes with the loss of their most powerful ship before Admiral Ross can get them a new one. 9.5/10

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#571 WHEN IT RAINS (7.11)

PLOT: Eager to aid Damar's rebel movement on his home world against the Dominion, Sisko orders Kira to put her antipathy for the Cardassian aside and train his staff in resistance tactics. Bashir asks Odo to assist in his medical project by donating the Changeling-equivalent of a skin sample. On Bajor, Kai Winn studies the forbidden text of the Kosst Amojan to learn how to release the evil Pagh-wraiths. Hoping to ease Cardassian sentiment against the Bajoran Kira, Sisko gives her a Starfleet commission and uniform.

REVIEW: Now this is more like it and for once I can say that I did not have any nagging doubts about what was being played out on screen. In many ways, the Final Chapter is featuring the finest work seen on DS9 and this episode truly throws some explosive elements into the fire. We have Odo becoming ill and we discover that he is ground zero (ie. he was the first to be infected) and it will be very interesting to see what happens when our Constable discovers that through him the Federation was able to infect the Changelings. Then there is Kira, who has donned a Starfleet uniform and is now helping the Cardassian rebel movement -- everything has come full circle. We have Winn and Dukat continuing to dabble in black magic and Dukat being "blinded" by his ambition. Plus there is the possibility that Worf and Martok are going to challenge Gowron for his supremacy next episode. Did all of the elements gel? Yes. Bring on the next episode I say! 8/10

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PLOT: While Kira reviews tactical plans with the Cardassian Resistance leaders, Odo returns from a mission weakened by the disease that's ravaging his race. At the station, Bashir works through the night, trying to find a cure for Odo, while Sisko reproves Chancellor Gowron for reckless attacks, that left General Martok, injured. Back at the revel headquarters, Kira, eager to discover why the Federation's Klingon ships aren't damaged by Breen-Dominion technology, proposes stealing the enemy's weaponry so that the Federation can engineer a countermeasure.

REVIEW: Worf kills Gowron in easily the best Klingon entry to date - one that should impact on future Klingon stories. 7/10

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PLOT: When Kira brings a terminally ill Odo back to the station for medical treatment, he orders her to leave him and return to help the Cardassian Resistance. Later, O'Brien and Bashir inform Sisko of their plan to lure a Section 31 operative, who may hold the cure to Odo's disease, to the station. The scheme works when Sloan, the director of the unsanctioned Starfleet extremist organisation that infected Odo--as part of a genocidal plot against his people--arrives. But when Bashir places a Romulan mind probe on the agent, who refuses to give information regarding a cure, Sloan attempts suicide in the science lab by activating a neuro-depolarising device in his brain.

REVIEW: Yet another stinker from the Final Chapter and I must confess that I was disappointed the Section 31 story ended so badly - with Bashir and O'Brien travelling through Sloan's mind. I feel the only worthwhile reasons for watching this was to see how the miracle cure for Odo was found and as a result, can only recommend it for such. 4/10

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#574 THE DOGS OF WAR (7.12)

PLOT: While Sisko takes command of a new ship named in honour of the Defiant, Kira, Garak, and Damar barely escape a Dominion ambush on Cardassia and are forced into hiding. Quark receives a static-filled message from Grand Nagus Zek, the Ferengi leader, that he's been named Zek's successor. Now cured of the deadly Changeling virus, Odo is outraged to learn that he was infected by Section 31--an unsanctioned extremist organisation within the Federation but promises Sisko he won't take matters into his own hands.

REVIEW: Essentially forgettable, I was not dying to find out what would become of the Grand Nagus and Co. 4/10

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PLOT: On the eve of battle, Bashir and Ezri spend the night together and the good Doctor discovers just how far those spots go down. The Defiant joins the Federation/Klingon/Romulan fleet as the invasion of Cardassia is launched. Kira, Damar, and Garak discuss resistance plans to sabotage the Dominion's power and communication centres on Cardassia. Kai Winn releases the Pagh-wraiths from the Fire Caves and Dukat vows to destroy Sisko...

REVIEW: Well here we are after seven years. Many tears have been shed around the world as the third instalment of Trek comes to a close so the obvious question is whether this episode was a nice closure to the series? I would go out on a limb and say that the writers have produced a two-hour movie with the possibility of a movie happening later due to fan pressure. I think they could have tied up the fates of the characters much better and in more interesting ways but obviously they wanted to keep the movie option open - though I cannot see a movie happening for this series myself. I thought the final episode was bittersweet but reasonable - some elements gelled and others did not. Opinions will vary depending on your own expectations about the series and what you wanted to see. I thought the Odo/Kira story was beautifully handled for instance but did not care for the final Winn/Dukat confrontation in the Fire Caves. I also thought it was a major cop-out to feature so many battle scenes from previous episodes -- this was supposed to have one of the most outstanding F/X battles seen in Trek and ninety percent were recycled clips -- pretty poor standing given that this is the final episode of the series. Despite that it has been fun watching this series and I credit it for getting me interested in the "franchise" in the first place. 8/10

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