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#95 NIGHT (SEASON PREMIERE) (5.1) (RATING 3.7) ** out of 5

PLOT: The crew of the USS Voyager is unsettled as their Captain reflects on the decisions she has made since arriving in the Delta Quadrant but their boredom is soon alleviated by the arrival of the Night Aliens and the Malon.

REVIEW: I was hoping this episode would kick-off the season but it seemed to go nowhere fast -- much like Voyager travelling through the Void -- and was excruciating to watch in parts. Why is it that Janeway is portrayed as a whining incompetent Captain? I did not buy her so called depression at having stranded the crew in the Delta Quadrant and found it somewhat disturbing that she would hide away in her quarters when the crew so obviously needs her. The introduction of the two new alien races was okay but nothing special. The upside of this episode is the "blackout" aboard Voyager and the leaps in production values. Overall, not great but passable.

#96 DRONE (5.1) (RATING 3.7) ** out of 5

PLOT: During a mission, the Doctor's portable emitter is damaged and creates a 29th century Borg drone. Seven tells the Captain that the Borg will come for One but Janeway thinks the situation could provide a valuable opportunity and wants Seven to instruct the drone on the ways of humanity. Before his lessons are complete, a spherical Borg ship arrives and threatens to assimilate the crew.

REVIEW: Yet another Borg based () episode which proves that Voyager really is content to live in the shadow of STNG instead of breaking new ground. Usually, I find episodes with our favourite enemy engaging but this one did little for me and seemed to mirror the STNG episode "The Offspring" in more than one way. I could say a lot more about this episode but why bother? Nothing will have changed by next episode - except for perhaps my temperament. Overall, watch one of the other Borg episodes instead.

#97 EXTREME RISK (5.2) (RATING 3.6) * out of 5

PLOT: B'Elanna unable to deal with the death of her Maquis friends risks her life in dangerous Holodeck programs while the Malon and Voyager race one another to build a shuttle in order to recover a probe.

REVIEW: This rates as one of the worst Voyager episodes in some time and given the series track record -- that is saying something! I could not believe the audacity of this premise -- are we really convinced that B'Elanna has been secretly depressed all this time? Stories like this are either made or broken via the development invested in the characters and since B'Elanna has had virtually zero growth since "Faces" this episode dropped faster than shares on the stock market as a result of a poor investment. Overall, if this is what season five is promising in terms of character development then the series is in dire trouble.

#98 IN THE FLESH (5.2) (RATING 4.2) *** out of 5

PLOT: Voyager uncovers a plot by Species 8472 to infiltrate Earth.

REVIEW: It is about time Voyager delivered a good episode -- while not great by any means -- this one was interesting and it appears it may actually have some consequences later. It was kind of novel to see Chakotay being put to good use as his character often just lounges around on the bridge or looks pretty by the Captain's side. I was also surprised that he was cast alongside an actor -- in the form of Species 8472 -- who can act for a change. Overall, one of the most interesting episodes and the best so far this year.

#99 ONCE UPON A TIME (5.3) (RATING 3.8) * out of 5

PLOT: As Voyager searches for the crew in the lost Delta Flyer, Neelix assumes a fatherly role to Naomi to help weather the crisis at hand.

REVIEW: This should have been great based on the premise but somehow -- once again -- the writers manage to ruin it. Not only was the Flotter program excruciating to watch, the Delta Flyer scenes were hardly riveting either. Mulgrew should count her blessings that she had little to do with this episode but even some of her scenes were bad and once again we have the crew abusing Janeway - not a trend that should be followed. Overall, banal and insulting.

#100 TIMELESS (5.3) (RATING 4.3) **** out of 5

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PLOT: Fifteen years after the star ship USS Voyager crashed into a desolate ice planet, Commander Chakotay and former Ensign Harry Kim (sole survivors of the tragedy) steal the Delta Flyer from a Federation shipyard and return to the USS Voyager's frozen hull. Aided by Chakotay's striking love interest, Lieutenant Tessa Omond, Chakotay and Kim are hotly pursued fugitives with hope that somewhere embedded beneath the ice, they'll retrieve the only tools they believe can change the fate of their long-dead fellow crewmembers.

REVIEW: Based on spoilers before the episode aired, I was expecting to be floored by this and thought it would be the absolute best Voyager episode to date but it fell short of that. All the elements are here -- convincing and thoughtful dialogue, special effects of a high calibre and an original premise but for some reason I came away less than satisfied. I think it was because the story centred upon Harry Kim's guilt over Voyager's destruction and I did not think that Garret Wang conveyed the right sense of emotion. Sure, it was plausible that he would feel bad over what happened but why was Chakotay along? As far as we know the former Commander is doing fine and has a lovely girlfriend to boot. What were his motivations beyond helping Harry? I find it quite novel that two of the least developed characters feature so predominantly in a big ratings episode - perhaps this is the writers way of making up for five years of no development? The crash landing of Voyager into Hoth - I mean the ice planet - was pretty cool but ultimately forgettable. Overall, good work but not everything it could and should have been given that this is the one-hundredth episode from the ailing series.

#101 INFINITE REGRESS (5.4) (RATING 3.3) *** out of 5

PLOT: Seven experiences brief flashes of the many personalities she assimilated after coming into contact with the vinculum of a destroyed Borg vessel.

REVIEW: Based on the script, this had the potential to be one of the worst episodes yet but thanks to Ryan she managed to pull it off and then some. I will go on record now and state that Jeri Ryan is the most talented actor on the Voyager series and that the other actors should count their blessings daily as without her, this series would be dead in the water. Mulgrew once stated that she believed the series would have come into it's own without Ryan in the fourth season - please! Who is she kidding? Ryan can run circles around Mulgrew in terms of diversity and talent. Any one who slanders Ryan based on her appearance is missing the point. Good work.

#102 NOTHING HUMAN (5.4) (RATING 4.1) *** out of 5

PLOT: A creature attaches itself to B'Elanna, forcing the crew to activate a hologram of Cardassian exo-biologist Krell Mocet to save her.

REVIEW: Another interesting episode and thankfully Roxann actually had something of substance to do. It was also novel to see the crew interact with an alien who (for once) did not speak English. Though Mulgrew's line towards the end "You're welcome" was cheesy, I cannot fault this one beyond that and I liked the fact that it showed the actors interacting with each other more. It was also nice to see B'Elanna and Tom's relationship realistically portrayed for once. One of the best this year.

#103 THIRTY DAYS (5.5) (RATING 4.2) *** out of 5

PLOT: Paris violates the Prime Directive in order to force the beings of a water planet to save themselves.

REVIEW: Watching this was like seeing a combination of "Superman" and the DS9 episode "In The Pale Moonlight" but Voyager did not convey the intensity of either. Relying on cheap gimmicks and superficial dialogue, the story tried to portray Paris as some kind of hero but though his actions were commendable, he came off looking rather foolish. Overall, interesting but not all that it could have been.

#104 COUNTERPOINT (5.5) (RATING 3.4) *** out of 5

PLOT: The crew of Voyager submits to inspections from the hostile Devore, knowing full well that if their group of telepaths are discovered they risk imprisonment and death.

REVIEW: Okay, I think I was a bit harsh in my original review and this ranks as one of the more interesting stories for the year. I stand by some of my original points however and was shocked to see that the bad music scores from Year III resurfaced in this outing. I have never been a fan of radically different music scores in Star Trek - particularly in Voyager. I still think the Captain came away looking like a bit of a hypocrite and I did not really buy the romance between her and Kashyk. I found him amusing to tell the truth and that voice of his was nauseating. It was novel to see Voyager being forced to undergo inspections but it reminded me a bit too much of the Kazon. Overall, it was nice to see that the whole crew had something of substance to do and if Voyager can continue to produce episodes like this then I think they will do well indeed.

#105 LATENT IMAGE (5.6) (RATING 3.8) ** out of 5

PLOT: After discovering his program has been tampered with, the Doctor sets out to find the culprit.

REVIEW: Interesting premise but I am not going to waste my time reviewing this as it is clear there will be absolutely no follow-through -- just like the episode back in Year III where the Doctor had his program erased. Overall, watch it and then forget about it as you will only be torturing yourself.

#106 BRIDE OF CHAOTICA! (5.6) (RATING 4.0) ** out of 5

PLOT: Aliens mistake the Captain Proton simulation as reality forcing Janeway to pose as Arachnia (Queen of the Spider People) in order to solve the crisis.

REVIEW: I may have been a bit harsh in my original review but I still think this is one of the most insulting episodes Voyager has offered since 1995. With echoes of Flash Gordon from 1936, this was a very different episode to what we normally see and while it is obvious that the cast had great fun making it, many of the elements fell flat - in particular Mulgrew attempting to portray a vamp reminiscent of Madonna as Breathless Mahoney from the movie Dick Tracy. Overall, passable but hopefully the last we see of Chaotica and the whole Captain Proton simulation?

#107 GRAVITY (5.7) (RATING 4.0) * out of 5

PLOT: After crashing on an arid planet, Tuvok discovers an alien named Noss has taken a liking to him.

REVIEW: Another Tuvok episode where we learn just how cold and unfeeling he is.

#108 BLISS (5.7) (RATING 3.9) *** out of 5

PLOT: A wormhole deceives the crew of Voyager, leaving a desperate Seven and Naomi as their only means of salvation.

REVIEW: Naomi and Seven team up and the results are quite interesting to watch. Maybe they should knock out the crew more often and let these two feature more pre-dominantly?

#109/#110 DARK FRONTIER (5.8) (RATING 4.7) *** out of 5

PLOT: Janeway mounts an offensive against the Borg but the plan goes awry when the Collective recaptures Seven.

REVIEW: Well here we are at the two-hour movie extravaganza that has been heavily promoted since its conception. So the obvious question is whether it has been worth the wait? I personally thought it rocked and was great. I was aware of all the goofs and inconsistencies but I did not care - I just went along for the ride. Featuring some of the most impressive effects yet seen on Trek and a story that moves at a breathless pace this is one for the archives.

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#111 THE DISEASE (5.9) * out of 5

PLOT: Harry has an affair with an alien but their encounter threatens the very survival of her race.

REVIEW: Yawn. Am I still awake? Just what was the point of this episode? To show that Harry is irresponsible? Sick of listening to Janeway? Is really randy and cannot control his hormones? The trailer UPN aired for this one was really stupid as well -- lust in space? Eek. The promo department was probably rolling around in stitches when they put that one together. The biggest disappointment of all is that Harry rarely gets good episodes - typified by examples such as "Favourite Son" back in Year III. Any way, this episode really is not worth watching and should be forgotten immediately.

#112 COURSE: OBLIVION (5.9) *** out of 5

PLOT: Paris and B'Elanna are married in a ceremony presided over by Janeway but their honeymoon is cut short by a phenomenon that breaks down Voyager's infrastructure and disintegrates not only the ship but the crew.

REVIEW: Yet another episode where the crew is tortured but the script provided pause for deeper reflection -- even if that double of Janeway was just as stubborn as the original. I am not sure what the purpose of this story was but it was one of the better episodes this year and if Voyager can continue producing episodes like this I will keep watching.

#113 THE FIGHT (5.10) (no stars)

PLOT: Voyager is trapped in a patch of chaotic space, leaving Chakotay no choice but to fight for their freedom against aliens in a boxing ring.

REVIEW: This is possibly the worst episode of Voyager and given some of the offerings over the past five years that is saying something! Voyager seems to be treading dangerously lately by airing a smattering of average episodes and it is little wonder the ratings for Year V are down. I read somewhere that the rating for this episode was terrible - I cannot say I am entirely surprised. Chakotay - like Harry - seems to be getting the worst stories of the bunch and this was simply boring and unimaginative. Overall, a tie for the worst episode of the year to date.

NEW: Robert Beltran talks about the possibility of Voyager going home. "When I find out what that direction is, I will tell you. Let me expand on that. I don't see the obvious advantage of going back to the Alpha Quadrant. We're still going to be dealing with aliens, just with different noses."

#114 THINK TANK (5.10) * out of 5

PLOT: A group of aliens offer to help solve a crisis for Janeway but their reward is more than she is willing to barter.

REVIEW: Can someone tell me just what was the point of getting Jason Alexander for this episode? If anything he bogged down the episode and tried to make his role into something it was never designed to be. Also I am really sick of the episodes where Seven is able to solve all of the problems aboard the ship -- enough already. Overall, forgettable and a waste of time.

#115 JUGGERNAUT (5.11) ** out of 5

PLOT: Voyager rescues Malon crew from a damaged freighter but in the midst of the crisis, B'Elanna encounters the Angel of Decay.

REVIEW: Though this episode is a step in the right direction, I was not that impressed by this one either. B'Elanna used to be my favourite character but lately she has been pushed aside in favour of that Borg drone Seven of Nine - and ever since she stepped aboard back in Scorpion II, Torres has had mixed to awful stories as a consequence. Overall, not riveting but passable - which is more than I can say for the last few episodes.

#116 SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (5.11) ** out of 5

PLOT: Seven gets lessons on how to socialise from the Doctor.

REVIEW: Great, just what we need - another Seven of Nine episode. Just how many episodes do we need to revolve around her? Though I am glad Jeri Ryan is on this series, I am really sick of seeing her character dominate the show - especially since we have virtually zero development for the other characters. This story has kind of been done before and while nicely carried out, was hardly riveting. Overall, nice but let's see less of Seven from now on.

COMMENTS: "Seven of Nine has paid off for us beyond our wildest expectations" Braga says. "We created this character to juice up the show, add some sex appeal and conflict and give Janeway her Spock or Data, as it were. Little did we know that Jeri Ryan herself would break into mainstream pop culture in ways that very few Star Trek characters have. That was an unexpected surprise and her character has worked out exactly the way we wanted. It's given us a lot of story material and a foil to Janeway. Certainly the sex appeal (for what it's worth) has paid off as well. Jeri is beautiful and a excellent actress. We really lucked out in finding her. It was entirely possible that we might have introduced this character and not much would have changed."

#117 11.59 (5.12) * out of 5

PLOT: Captain Janeway reminisces about her ancestor Shannon O'Donnell -- the first of her family's long line of explorers and one who helped build the Millennium Gate on Earth.

REVIEW: I was looking forward to this episode because it was going to have Mulgrew centre stage but this story was boring with a capital B. I think it would appeal more to the female demographic than men as it was a sweet story dealing with the back story of an ancient relative of Janeway - and no offence, but I do not find Janeway that interesting a character to explore her family history. Enough said.

#118 RELATIVITY (5.12) *** out of 5

PLOT: Seven of Nine travels through time in order to uncover a bomb planted aboard Voyager.

REVIEW: Remember my comments for "Someone To Watch Over Me?" Well, here we are at yet another episode based around our favourite Borg and this time we have several versions of our Drone - in many different time periods to boot! I am getting the impression that the writers love Seven and do not care if the other characters fall by the way side in the process and while some of the "time travel" elements were fun, it was nothing we have not seen many times before.

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#119 WARHEAD (5.13) * out of 5

PLOT: An alien missile with artificial intelligence and sentient consciousness interlinks with the Doctor to complete its mission of mass destruction.

REVIEW: What a stinker. Those were my exact words as soon as the plot became clear to me. I cannot believe the writers are churning out such garbage when we are so close to the season finale and especially when Voyager is having so many problems ratings wise this year! So, in effect, we have the Doctor thinking he is a bomb? It would be funny in other circumstances but the episode just kind of sagged down with the ridiculous plot. Overall, if this is the best Voyager can offer, then the "franchise" is in trouble.

#120 EQUINOX (5.13) (SEASON FINALE) *** out of 5

PLOT: Having located another Federation vessel lost in the Delta Quadrant, Janeway decides to team-up but is shocked to discover that Captain Ransom has committed mass murder in order to speed his crew home to Earth.

REVIEW: Okay, here we are at the season finale for Year V, so the obvious question is whether it is any good? This was fun to watch but I cannot help but think that the revelation of another Federation starship lost in the Delta Quadrant could have been handled better. Featuring a clash of wills between Ransom and Janeway, I had to bite my tongue as Janeway portrayed herself as perfect and when she said that she has adhered to the Prime Directive since arriving in the quadrant, I had to muffle my cries of shock and disbelief - talk about two-faced standards. Besides that, I liked that Voyager was utterly defenceless by the time the credits rolled and that Seven of Nine was nowhere to be seen.

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