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#69 SCORPION PART TWO (4.1) *** out of 5

PLOT: Janeway reaches an agreement with the Borg to help them combat Species 8472 but the unpredictable collaboration does not go as planned…

REVIEW: Now, this is more like it - though I am unconvinced anything has changed in the long term, sans for the inclusion of Seven aboard Voyager. Visually stunning, the script delivers nice character moments and a few thrills in between but overall, the spectacle abolishes everything in it's path and I doubt Voyager will be any better off?

#70 THE GIFT (4.1) *** out of 5

PLOT: After evolving into a higher form of existence, Kes leaves Voyager but provides an amazing gift for her comrades.

REVIEW: What a pathetic way to say goodbye to a character favourite - or not if you believe the hyperbole pushed by the writers. I am ashamed to say that it is probably best Jennifer Lien was let go from the series - after four years, the writers demonstrated time and again, that they did not know what to do with her character. Still, I thought it was slap in the face to concentrate primarily on Seven given the nature of the episode. Overall, watch it and then see if you do not agree with me that the writers on Voyager should be replaced by new blood.

#71 DAY OF HONOR (4.2) *** out of 5

PLOT: As B'Elanna faces the Day of Honor, Voyager is ambushed by the Caatati - a race almost completely assimilated by the Borg - who demand Seven of Nine as ransom.

REVIEW: One of the best stories Roxann has ever been presented with and all I can say - it is about bloody time! B'Elanna is one of the more interesting and provocative characters aboard Voyager and it is a shame that the writers rarely centre a script around her as this and past efforts have demonstrated that stories focusing upon her, are well worth watching.

#72 NEMESIS (4.2) ** out of 5

PLOT: Chakotay finds himself embroiled in a war where he learns a valuable lesson.

REVIEW: I am in two minds about this episode. First of all I want to say that I liked it and thought each subsequent scene built on the strength of the last. However, despite the "message" that is so evident by the time the credits roll, I found the episode lacking in execution. Watching this was like sitting back and waiting for paint to dry - you knew something would happen but it was just so frustrating in the meantime.

#73 REVULSION (4.3) ** out of 5

PLOT: Harry Kim is assigned to work with Seven of Nine on the new Astrometrics lab but is rattled when Seven wants to explore her resurgent humanity. Meanwhile, the Doctor and B'Elanna respond to a distress call from an alien ship where they discover that the sanitation holographic program has been somewhat overzealous in his job of cleaning up the ship.

REVIEW: Basically a rehash of any number of horror teen movies but still enjoyable - if not a touch predictable. What I really objected to however, was the forced romantic pairing of Harry and Seven. At first I was worried that Seven was going to be used as fodder for male teen fantasies but thankfully the remaining episodes of the season dispelled that notion. Overall, not earth-shattering but reasonably entertaining.

#74 THE RAVEN (4.3) ** out of 5

PLOT: Seven of Nine escapes from the USS Voyager after claiming that the Borg is calling for her.

REVIEW: One of those stories that strive for higher ground but missed it by a mile or two, this is an example of a story Voyager needs to avoid if it wants to be taken seriously. It was awfully convenient that the phasers adapted so quickly but I guess they wanted to try and move the story along without having to worry about loose ends? This attempted to fill in the blanks on Seven's background but overall, I felt the episode was a waste of time.

#75 SCIENTIFIC METHOD (4.4) ** out of 5

PLOT: Medical experiments are conducted on the crew leaving Seven of Nine to track down the cause.

REVIEW: One of those episodes that it was impossible to take seriously, despite the seriousness of the situation aboard Voyager. Mulgrew did the best she could with her lines but overall, the dialogue undermined this outing and that is a shame.

#76 YEAR OF HELL (4.4) *** out of 5

PLOT: A madman who is bent on recreating history targets Voyager.

REVIEW: Before this aired, I have to admit I was excited by the premise - Voyager facing it's deadliest enemy yet - one who could bend the fabric of time itself. After a lame introduction by Mulgrew and Ryan, we join the crew in the new Astrometrics lab - very impressive but the dialogue gets things off to a sour start. Mulgrew is still doing weird facial expressions that add little to the role and much of the time it is inappropriate - if Voyager is viewed as a comedy then it works. As it turns out, Voyager is entering a region of space that is in dispute but before the conflict can be resolved, time itself warps around them and everything is changed. Despite the Kremin's repeated threats, Janeway is determined to do things her way and throughout the course of the episode we see the effect that has on the crew and on the ship itself. Towards the end, Paris and Chakotay are beamed to Annorax's vessel and Janeway's statement of "he's trying to erase us from history" pretty much sums things up. I felt cool CGI effects helped the episode but it's a shame the story did not concentrate more on the characters and the reasons behind their actions.

#77 YEAR OF HELL PART TWO (4.5) *** out of 5

PLOT: Janeway risks everything in order to stop Annorax.

REVIEW: In the conclusion to the story we learn why Annorax is so obsessed with correcting time and his obsession nicely mirrors that of Captain Janeway. She is still determined to do things her way - even if it means sacrificing the ship and herself in the process. Paris and Chakotay are rescued during the last act and we see that Janeway is planning a suicide mission - by crashing into Annorax's vessel - she hopes that it will restore time as this is one year she would like to forget. The destruction of Voyager is beautifully handled but it would have been nice to see a CGI shot of Janeway from outside the ship. Of course the dreaded reset button is hit and yet another story line falls by the way side.

#78 RANDOM THOUGHTS (4.5) *** out of 5

PLOT: B'Elanna is arrested on the Mari home world after being accused of provoking a violent outburst.

REVIEW: Torres is about to undergo a forced lobotomy and Janeway says she cannot interfere as it would be a violation of the Prime Directive. What a hypocrite. She has violated the Directive more times than any other Captain in recent history and even ordered the execution of one of the crew in Season Two's episode Tuvix. I would hate to have this lady as my Captain. Maybe she didn't get her caffeine fix that day. If the writers want people to watch the show they should at least make the characters consistent. Janeway is usually a caring woman who would do anything for her crew but after this I wondered what on earth is happening to Voyager? Any way, despite Janeway I thought the episode was quite good.

#79 CONCERNING FLIGHT (4.6) *** out of 5

PLOT: Voyager comes under attack by an alien race, leaving Janeway and Leonardo da Vinci to rescue stolen Starfleet technology.

REVIEW: Despite the hokey premise, I really did enjoy this one and thought it was one of the most charming episodes produced yet. It was clear to this reviewer that Mulgrew had a great deal of fun working on this episode and it helped smooth over the more ridiculous elements. Overall, nothing earth-shattering but a pleasant diversion.

#80 MORTAL COIL (4.6) *** out of 5

PLOT: Neelix dies but is resurrected thanks to Seven of Nine and her Borg nanoprobes.

REVIEW: The most provocative episode Voyager has ever produced but the end result is unsatisfying. Neelix is asked to join an away mission with Chakotay and Paris but is subsequently killed. Back aboard Voyager, Seven joins the Doctor in sickbay and asks to try a radical procedure using remodulated nanoprobes. Neelix is brought back to life and begins to question the meaning of being alive as he did not see his loved ones in the Great Forest "it's all a lie". Controversial subject matter but much of the effect is lost by having Neelix in the principal role - of course, if they got anyone else, we wouldn't have seen the b-grade Talaxian afterlife horror movie.

#81 WAKING MOMENTS (4.7) ** out of 5

PLOT: Aliens are observing the crew of Voyager in their sleep.

REVIEW: An incredibly dull episode that just seemed to plod along without any particular hurry. I feel this is one of the weakest entries so far and should be expunged from the archive immediately.

#82 MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE (4.7) **** out of 5

PLOT: The Doctor goes back to the Alpha Quadrant via a space relay network to tell Starfleet that Voyager is lost in the Delta Quadrant.

REVIEW: One of the most important episodes yet - this put Voyager back in contact with the Alpha Quadrant and while I thought some elements worked, I did think they wasted too much time with the Doctor aboard the USS Prometheus. It was a nice touch to see the anxiety of the crew as they waited for the Doctor's return but overall I came away disappointed by this one.

#83 HUNTERS (4.8) **** out of 5

PLOT: Thanks to the success of the doctor's previous mission Voyager has at last made contact with Starfleet Command by using a far-flung array of alien relay modules to communicate with Earth and let them know that they are alive. The ship begins receiving messages transmitted across the vast distances over the same relay system from relieved family and friends back home. The crew is elated to hear from loved ones after so many years. However for Janeway and others their joy is tempered by bittersweet news. Many messages are still being held at the module. Voyager proceeds to the alien craft to attempt retrieval of the remaining transmissions. Tuvok and Seven of Nine are ordered to board a shuttle and inspect the craft. Before they can they are beamed aboard an alien vessel and trussed-up like animals as a rude introduction to the Hirogen, a hostile, alien race of hunters.

REVIEW: Excellent work all round but it would have been much better if the story had focused more upon the letters from friends and loved ones back in the Alpha Quadrant. Sure, it was fun watching the Hirogen battle it out with Seven and Tuvok but given that they were going to feature in several more episodes, I felt the writers wasted a golden opportunity to explore how the letters affected the crew. The ending alluded to a possible romantic interlude between Janeway and Chakotay but I doubt it will happen - especially when you consider Trek's record regarding relationships. Still, this is one of the better episodes from the season.

#84 PREY (4.8) **** out of 5

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PLOT: Voyager encounters a Hirogen ship adrift in space with a critically wounded Hirogen hunter on board. Janeway orders that the alien be beamed into Voyager's sickbay. His presence brings even greater danger when the creature that he has been hunting across space - species 8472 - boards Voyager. Janeway must now decide whether to let the Hirogen loose in the ship to subdue the more dangerous alien.

REVIEW: One of the best episodes ever, this delivered action galore and for once, it was realistic. After it becomes clear that Species 8472 has invaded Voyager, the story never looks back and moves with a breathless beat for the remainder of the episode. If every episode was as good, I doubt there would be as many detractors.

#85 RETROSPECT (4.9) * out of 5

PLOT: Seven of Nine attacks a scientist and through regression therapy claims that he violated her.

REVIEW: Not very good at all and it was unclear exactly what had transpired? Did Seven imagine the whole thing? There are no easy answers and while that can be accepted, the lousy execution of the script cannot. I really felt that it was a waste of time watching this.

#86 THE KILLING GAME (4.9) ** out of 5

PLOT: The Voyager crew has become unwitting game to the Hirogen hunters who have invaded the ship and cast the crewmembers in a variety of deadly Holodeck games. Implanted with subdermal transmitters, the crewmembers have no knowledge that they have identities beyond the characters they are playing. Only the Doctor, forced to mend the steady stream of wounded crewmembers to sick bay, is conscious of the invaders. He soon figures out a way to disengage Janeway and Seven of Nine, who then must begin to figure out how to defeat the Hirogen at their own game.

REVIEW: When I first watched this I thought it was good. Now? It was an ambitious production that tried to sail through on the visual aspects and the story fell by the wayside. The cast did their best to deliver solid performances (Mulgrew as a Klingon is particularly note-worthy) but overall Voyager has produced better.

#87 THE KILLING GAME PART TWO (4.10) ** out of 5

PLOT: The hunters become the hunted when an explosion causes the holo-grid to expand and encompass several decks of Voyager.

REVIEW: An improvement over the first instalment but not by much. Hopefully in future Voyager will concentrate more on the characters and less on meaningless f/x filled episodes.

#88 VIS`A VIS (4.10) * out of 5

PLOT: Voyager comes to the aid of Steth - an alien in need of assistance when his experimental coaxial warp drive overloads. However, as repairs are completed, Steth displays a unique talent for exchanging DNA and swaps bodies with Paris and Janeway.

REVIEW: Yet another stinker from Season Four. One would expect that if a person trades places with two officers aboard a Starfleet vessel it would be interesting right? Well this episode proved otherwise. I really got the impression that the actors on the series were just going through the motions and that does not make for great television. I would recommend this be removed from the archive ASAP

#89 THE OMEGA DIRECTIVE (4.11) *** out of 5

PLOT: The crew is mystified when Captain Janeway begins an important, though highly secretive, operation in response to a strange subspace disturbance.

REVIEW (Many thanks to Veronica): I loved this episode. It had a strong premise, a mission from Starfleet, great character interaction and strong character moments. It reflected the consistent efforts of the producers and scriptwriters to deliver high quality and entertaining viewing in Voyager's fourth season.

#90 UNFORGETTABLE (4.11) (no stars)

PLOT: Voyager encounters an alien vessel fleeing attack whose sole inhabitant is a female alien asking for Chakotay to help rescue her.

REVIEW: In a word - forgettable. What were they thinking when they wrote this piece of crap? This would have to be the worst episode Voyager has yet produced and with episodes like this it is little wonder the ratings are vaporising before their very eyes. I liked the first few minutes prior to the credits but other than that I just want to forget I ever watched this.

#91 LIVING WITNESS (4.12) ***** out of 5

PLOT: The Doctor finds himself on trial for the crimes of the Voyager crew seven hundred years in the future.

REVIEW: This is the best instalment in the Voyager series thus far and shows just how great the series can be given a decent story line that maximises the potential of the premise intended. The episode traces one planet's memories of the star ship and shows that history is not always remembered correctly - unless of course you have a living witness to put things in perspective. There is a lot to recommend about this story and this review really does not do it justice. The depiction of the warship Voyager was classic but the real heart of the story is about the Doctor and how he feels being stranded seven hundred years in the future. He realises just how much he has come to cherish the crew of Voyager and considers them family. The episode, while ending on a happy note, is also sad - as the Doctor goes off in search of whatever became of the Voyager and her crew. As one put it "he said he had a longing for home".

#92 DEMON (4.12) ** out of 5

PLOT: With fuel dwindling to nothing, Voyager lands on a demon planet to collect from its vast deuterium lode. Both Tom Paris and Harry Kim are suited up in protective gear and sent out to collect the precious deuterium, but return without their protective suits. Instead, it is now Voyager's environment that is poisonous to them.

REVIEW: When I first watched this, I was amazed by the sheer stupidity of the script but given some of the past episodes, I suppose the crew has acted dumber? Though I felt Janeway was a stupid cow for letting this situation arise in the first place, I did enjoy this episode - despite the fact, I objected to the crew letting duplicates be created with all of their memories and knowledge intact. We will see a follow-up to this next year in an episode titled 'Course: Oblivion'. Can't wait.

#93 ONE (4.13) *** out of 5

PLOT: Seven of Nine is put in command of Voyager after the crew is forced into stasis-chambers.

REVIEW: An episode that was tailored to Jeri Ryan and despite some of the more ridiculous elements, she managed to pull it off and deliver a solid performance. Many people on the Net are still knocking Jeri based on her appearance and while I do feel it is ridiculous to see the Borg running around in spandex and high heels, it must be noted that the lady can act - the same cannot be said for all of the other actors aboard Voyager. Watch this and see if you do not agree that Jeri is the best thing that could have happened to this show.

#94 HOPE AND FEAR (4.13) **** out of 5

PLOT: Voyager plays host to Arturis, an alien with linguistic skills who manages to decipher the code from Starfleet last seen in Hunters. The transmission directs Voyager to an experimental star ship, the USS Dauntless, which has the ability to get the crew home in three months. However, not all aboard Voyager are thrilled at the news and Janeway views the fortuitous turn of events with caution.

REVIEW: Not an ambitious episode by any means but a neutral way to close one of the best seasons to date. I did feel that Mulgrew was a bit strange at times throughout this one but given some of her reactions in prior outings, I am slowly coming to terms with that. I did feel that it was about time someone pulled the good Captain up though and Arturis was just the person to do it - though I doubt Janeway will ponder on what he said too long. Overall, I liked this one but wished we could have seen more of the Dauntless set - it looked far superior to that we see on Voyager.

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