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PLOT: While the crew struggle against the elements on a distant planet, the Doctor, Paris and Suder devise a plan to free Voyager of the evil Kazon but will the Talaxian fleet arrive in time before Seska thwarts them?

REVIEW: Not the most auspicious start to the new season but reasonably entertaining as long as you switched your mind off (for some people I know this would be a pretty easy thing to do) and ignored the convenient character assassinations. Overall, fairly lightweight entertainment that would unfortunately taint the rest of season three.

#44 FLASHBACK * out of 5

PLOT: Janeway and Tuvok mind-meld and through a paradox, meet Captain Sulu.

REVIEW: Given the classic anniversary salute on rival show DS9, I was expecting this to be equally fun to watch but it almost sent me to sleep. While, I have never been a fan of the original series (I liked the cast in the first six movies though) I thought this was an insulting and banal way to pay tribute to the passing of the torch and it is episodes like these Voyager needs to avoid if they want to keep viewers watching.

#45 THE CHUTE *** out of 5

PLOT: Kim and Paris find themselves imprisoned after being convicted of terrorist acts. Can Janeway free her two officers before the "clamp" drives them to insanity?

REVIEW: One of the darkest episodes yet from Voyager, this was riveting to watch and the best Harry Kim story to date. For once, it seemed as though most of the crew actually had something of substance to do and the series would be better off with more episodes like this.

#46 THE SWARM ** out of 5

PLOT: While the crew of Voyager battle hostile aliens, B'Elanna and Kes race against time to save the Doctor - who is losing cohesion due to a programming breakdown.

REVIEW: One of those episodes that are reasonably interesting to watch first time around but lose all credibility by not following up on the significant developments to the characters. So, in essence, the Doctor's programming has been replaced and he should be radically different to that of the affable character we have come to know? Could have fooled me.

#47 FALSE PROFITS * out of 5

PLOT: The crew of Voyager must outsmart two Ferengi who have convinced a planet full of people that they are Gods.

REVIEW: Voyager tries to follow up on DS9's success with the Ferengi but we are supposed to laugh with the characters - not at the characters.

#48 REMEMBER *** out of 5

PLOT: A dark secret threatens B'Elanna's life.

REVIEW: Excellent and thought provoking. Who could ask for more? Roxann has been given many interesting stories since Caretaker but rarely have they been as powerful as this. With shades of mass genocide and dirty linen waiting to come unravelled, this was truly one of the season's highlights.

#49 SACRED GROUND ** out of 5

PLOT: Janeway goes on a spiritual journey to save Kes.

REVIEW: For such important issues, this was treated rather lightly and seemed more like an episode more suited to Seinfeld. Overall, do yourself a favour - instead of switching your mind off for an hour - switch off the television set instead.

#50 FUTURE'S END PART ONE **** out of 5

PLOT: Voyager is hurled back in time to Earth 1996 and must race against time to stop Starling launching a ship that will destroy billions of people.

REVIEW: Originally I thought this was great but it is funny what a second viewing can do. Overall, reasonably entertaining but much less than what it should have been.

#51 FUTURE'S END PART TWO *** out of 5

PLOT: Tuvok, Paris, Janeway and Chakotay race against time to stop Starling but will their efforts be enough?

REVIEW: I actually liked this a little less than part one but only because some of the issues were dropped or easily explained away. Not great viewing but I thought it was a reasonable conclusion to the crew's time warp.

#52 WARLORD ** out of 5

PLOT: Kes finds herself possessed by the spirit of Tieran.

REVIEW: I am sure this was designed to be a powerhouse episode for Jennifer Lien but I came away with the impression it was more designed as a ratings grabber by having the tiny actress dress in skin-tight leather. For fetish fans only.

#53 THE Q AND THE GREY *** out of 5

PLOT: The Q Continuum is at war and only the offspring of Q and Janeway can provide salvation.

REVIEW: This one was really funny but not in the obvious sense. Q has never been a character favourite of mine but I thought he was well utilised in previous episodes - this does not belong in that group. Watch it and laugh with the dialogue - it is far less painful that way.

#54 MACROCOSM *** out of 5

PLOT: Janeway battles a deadly infection aboard Voyager but will her efforts be enough?

REVIEW: I really cannot take this episode seriously as it seemed more like a case of Janeway fighting microscopic snot. I am sure they had a sneeze - whoops - blast making this but I just wish some of that excitement could have been passed on to the viewers though I really enjoyed the "Invasion of the Holodeck" scene - absolutely classic!

#55 FAIR TRADE *** out of 5

PLOT: Neelix, finding that he is of no use to the crew upon entering the Nekrit Expanse - risks everything he holds dear to obtain a map.

REVIEW: I liken this to the review for "The Swarm" - why introduce plot twists if you have no intention of following up on them and besides couldn't Neelix benefit from some long-awaited character development?

#56 ALTER EGO *** out of 5

PLOT: A lonely alien threatens the survival of the crew of the USS Voyager.

REVIEW: Essentially an episode about loneliness but lack of direction hurts this one quite a lot.

#57 CODA *** out of 5

PLOT: An alien tries to convince Janeway that she is dying.

REVIEW: Do you take delight in watching Janeway die over and over? Then check this one out. I personally did not get anything - except for a headache perhaps - out of this but each to their own I say.

#58 BLOOD FEVER * out of 5

PLOT: An ensign announces his intentions to mate with B'Elanna but she has only eyes for Paris.

REVIEW: Really forgettable but notable for the last few seconds, which introduces the Borg to the series.

#59 UNITY *** out of 5

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PLOT: While the crew of Voyager investigates an inactive Borg vessel, Commander Chakotay is tricked by a group of aliens who wish to rejoin the Collective.

REVIEW: This has a great opening scene but overall I thought too much time was spent on Chakotay and the former drones spending time together and sharing experiences. Watch this and then hold your breath until Scorpion comes along.

#60 DARKLING ** out of 5

PLOT: The Doctor tampers with his program, in the process creating an evil dark side that wants to take Kes as his mate.

REVIEW: I can do without episodes like this - the premise is so old (good versus evil) that it must have cobwebs by now? One of the worst episodes yet and unfortunately a new wind is some episodes off.

#61 RISE * out of 5

PLOT: Neelix and Tuvok help a group of colonists whose planet is being ravaged by asteroids.

REVIEW: Oy. Nice premise but the execution left a lot to be desired. Coupled with "Darkling" and "Favourite Son" they should be retitled 'Trio from Hell'.

#62 FAVOURITE SON (no stars)

PLOT: Harry is tricked into thinking he is a member of an alien race.

REVIEW: This was just awful and one of the most embarrassing episodes of Trek of all time. Will Harry be lured into the bed of an Amazon and consumed or will he figure out their evil scheme and put an end to their wicked ways? Do something else for the hour - time is too precious.

#63 BEFORE AND AFTER **** out of 5

PLOT: Kes travels throughout her life, experiencing different realities but will she ever be the same afterwards?

REVIEW: This was a breath of fresh air after the preceding episodes but not as great as some would have you believe - perhaps it just seemed a lot better at the time? Given the pitiful send-off for Kes in 'The Gift' - I would have preferred to see our favourite Ocampan depart in this outing instead.

#64 REAL LIFE **** out of 5

PLOT: The Doctor creates a holographic family but a devious B'Elanna decides to teach him a lesson.

REVIEW: One of the most emotional episodes of Voyager but I have a question? Whatever happened after this? Yet another episode with no follow-through.

#65 DISTANT ORIGIN **** out of 5

PLOT: An alien uncovers the truth about the origins of his people but finds himself in peril when the findings threaten to unravel everything his people hold dear.

REVIEW: Excellent and one of the best Voyager episodes to date - ironic that the main cast has little to do in it. Episodes like this ease the memory of others.

#66 DISPLACED ** out of 5

PLOT: The Nyrian empire overcomes Voyager but a determined Janeway will not rest until she frees her crew.

REVIEW: Yet another invasion of Voyager but notable for nice dialogue and a 'sweet' moment between Tom and B'Elanna.

#67 WORST CASE SCENARIO **** out of 5

PLOT: A mutiny simulation threatens to turn deadly when an old foe emerges from the shadows.

REVIEW: You just cannot keep a scorned woman down. It was a treat to see Seska back to her old bitching ways and boy, did she chew the scenery in this one. I bet the crew are wondering what other tricks she has up her sleeves? The second best episode of the year to date.

#68 SCORPION PART ONE ***** out of 5

PLOT: Encountering the Borg, the crew plan to travel through a region of space devoid of activity - only to encounter an alien species even more powerful. Desperate to get her crew home, Janeway proposes an alliance with the dreaded Borg but before an agreement can be reached, several bio-ships emerge from a singularity and threaten to destroy everything in their path.

REVIEW: One of the most ambitious episodes yet, this was welcome in more ways than one and proved that few can match Voyager when it pulls out all of the stops to deliver what the fans have been clamouring for. Conflict between Janeway/Chakotay, new aliens, the Borg, awesome special effects - its all here and more - plus a heart pounding cliffhanger that will have you dying to see the follow-through.

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